28 October 2022

Beauty of The Chaos Made by Humans by Marco Evaristti



Marco Evaristti (DK/CL)
Beauty of The Chaos Made by Humans
October 28 – November 19

Galleri Christoffer Egelund is proud to present the third solo show by artist Marco Evaristti – Beauty of The Chaos Made by Humans – in the Main Gallery. Evaristti’s universe forces the spectator to look at life’s sometimes obscure and absurd paradoxes. His artworks often revolve around taboos, such as life and death. The only certain knowledge we have is life´s inevitable ending. Keeping this in focus, is for the artist our strongest driving force to live life to the fullest.

In his newest series, the artist is delving into the topics pollution, waste, plastic disasters, war and destructions. Evaristti invites us to look closer at environmental subjects such as the mountain of waste humans are contributing too, through the lives we live, the chaos a war leaves behind and the life that will survive no matter the hard conditions and chaos. The exhibition Beauty of The Chaos Made by Humans consist of new paintings, sculptures and photography.

Evaristti has often approached the question of the choices we make in life and how we choose to behave and interact. Now it has come to the climate, the plastic waste and the wars. His vision and message are very clear; despite the challenges and obstacles we constantly put in front of us, despite the mountains of decay, the unavoidable existential force grows.

He confronts us with the important questions of our time, but also with our own personal stance – or lack thereof. The artist believes that a large part of us spend our lives being voyeuristic moralists who focus on too small problems on a daily basis.

-We look, but we cannot see it. It is time to open your eyes. It was Aristotle himself who once said that our senses simply capture the image of the outside world as a whole. In this sense, we will only see the truth when there is a clear will on our part to do so. With my works I set the audience in a trap. I present them with something that at first seems beautiful, but in reality it is a mirror of something terrible – war and destruction. We must dare to face the truth. There are limits to our selfishness, greed and evil actions.

Marco Evaristti (born 1963) is a Danish Chilean artist who has lived in Denmark since the 1980s. Evaristti holds a master’s degree from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts where he was a student of architect Henning Larsen. In 1995 Evaristti was a visiting professor in Bangkok at the Silipakorn Fine Arts University. Through the years, he has continued working on private architectural projects as well as larger art commission projects. His artworks are included in several important museum collections such as: MAC, Santiago Chile; MONA, Tasmania, Australia; MBA, Buenos Aires, Argentina; The National Museum of Fine Arts, Havana, Cuba; National Museum of Modern Art, Bangkok, Thailand; HEART, Herning, Denmark; Trapholt, Modern Art Museum, Kolding, Denmark; Vejle Art Museum, Denmark; The National Museum of Art, Copenhagen, Denmark to mention a few.

The opening of the exhibition takes place Friday, October 28 from 16 to 19. Marco Evaristti will be present during the opening reception at Bredgade 75, Cph. The exhibition runs until November 19.

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