Upcoming Exhibitions


Galleri Christoffer Egelund is proud to present the group exhibition SHAPES, featuring three new artists in the gallery: Carsten Beck, Tilde Grynnerup and Willi Tomes.

Wood, vinyl and geometric lines transformed to new shapes and objects, giving us a new perspective.

The group show SHAPES draw lines to the constructivist art, where simple geometric curves and lines become new objects. Within this artistic style the composition of simple lines are transformed into new interesting figures. The three artists of the group show create fantastic objects and formats through wood, oil and vinyl. The exhibition gives us a visual impression of new shapes, reminding us to see things from another angle, which is relevant in acknowledging the shape of the world.

Tilde Grynnerup is known for her charismatic wood sculptures. From a distance they look soft and almost as textile, the lines are carefully cut in various shapes. When having a closer look one realise it is wood transformed to her well-know beautiful aesthetic sculptures.

Carsten Beck's paintings can be referred to as a boil down of Scandinavian minimalistic expression transferred to oil on canvas. The paintings are a mix of a geometric perspective in forms and shapes with a mathematicians attention to detail and high quality materials. The lines in his paintings creates a new object and a new formation that immediately fascinates and makes you find comfort and relaxation.

Willi Tomes artworks are mosaic landscapes in rich colours. The mosaics are made of old vinyl, that carries a landscape of memories from life - long time a go. The vinyl has been reused, broken apart and put together in a new optical, creating a new shape and stories. Vinyl is in many ways outdated but the artist made them infinite.

This time the exhibition will be a little different due to COVID-19.

Everyone is very welcome to pop in as usual, but, if you want to be sure there is space for you, please use our new booking system. If you pop in as normal, just be aware there might be a smaller waiting line, as we only allow 10 persons in the gallery at the same time due to the COVID-19 recommendations.


Galleri Christoffer Egelund invites you to the opening reception of the exhibition ”SHAPES” Friday, May 22th from 4 pm to 7 pm and the artists Tilde Grynnerup and Carsten Beck will be present at the opening. The exhibition will run until the 6th of June 2020. Opening hours: Thursday-Friday from 15-18, Saturday from 12-16. For further information and sales request, please contact the gallery at: info@christofferegelund.dk or at +45 33 93 92 00.