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23 August 2019

Thierry Feuz “Instant Karma”

Galleri Christoffer Egelund is proud to present the exhibition Instant Karma, which is the fourth solo show in the gallery by the international Swiss/ Austrian artist Thierry Feuz.

What stands out immediately when looking at the work of artist Thierry Feuz is the deeply aesthetic dimension of his oeuvre. The compositions are visibly balanced, the colors bursting with life, and the patterns pleasing, but let us make no mistake - the worlds created here are not purely ornamental.
The exhibition's title, Instant Karma, is almost an oxymoron, and already seems to settle these pieces into an ambivalence between the fleeting instant and the long road, while the titles of the individual works, taken from several different languages, are equally enigmatic and instead of offering any explicit interpretations, they further broaden the mystery. As observers, we quickly understand we must step outside our pre-existing categories to correctly grasp the abundance of the artist's work.

And this is exactly what seems to be on offer in his paintings: a path into other dimensions. In particular, the flowers: set out on abstract backgrounds devoid of any naturalism, some rise up with joy while others bend or appear just about to droop, leaving one to guess at the strange powers working behind such enthusiasm. Yes, the works represent this fresh opening outward and yet both decrepitude and mutation hover somewhere nearby, as if the artist captured his subject in a transitory state.

We see it quickly - just behind these colors with their overflow of life is the darker counterpoint of effacement and death.

And so the works draw us in with their bright colors, their virtuosic precision of shape and line, with the perfection of their composition, like a captatio benevolentiae, only to then enthrall and hold us like a carnivorous plant. The initial seduction gives way to a more metaphysical query in which all seems to become relative: the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms are freed from all scale and hierarchy. Flowers, jellyfish, and amoebas dance about in a peaceful cosmos, enabling us to simultaneously experience the miniscule and the infinite. Sometimes indistinct, they become a hybrid, as known shapes lead us gently toward those that are unknown. They pull us from our ruled and regulated universe, enabling us to understand existence with novel - freer and more intimate - criteria.

Thierry Feuz's sumptuous works thus offer the viewer two simultaneous and exceptional experiences: a kind of idealized galaxy and one's own inner world.

Far from any trace of naivety or innocence, the paradise represented in these works by Thierry Feuz, worthy heir to Rothko and Kandinsky, is a vibrant, vertiginous, and spiritual landscape, a magnificent voyage through our own soul. And although his paintings contain no humans, the viewer steps with delight into this world which provides an intimate encounter with the beauty of all that is fleeting and ephemeral, inviting us to fully taste the current moment.

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