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29 April 2022

The Dream by Krista Rosenkilde

THE DREAM / APRIL 29 – JUNE 3 2022

Galleri Christoffer Egelund is proud to present Krista Rosenkilde’s second solo show - THE DREAM.

In her newest works one senses the exploration of the borderland between art and design. The paintings features stripes and patterns that clearly references the textiles of the 70’s as well as a geometric style that allude to Bauhaus and Constructivism. Two artistic movements that insisted on art merging with the industrial.
The clear and bright colors of the paintings effortlessly morph into ceramic sculptures and upholstered furniture-like installations, sown with so many frills, tassels and types of multi-colored velvet that it could almost derive from a psychedelic Victorian home.
It is hard to tell where the painting ends and the design begins and that is exactly the artist’s point.

A new movement has also manifested into the oeuvre of Krista Rosenkilde, where an increasing narration and figuration has taken the stage. The artist herself describes it as having conducted an excavation within her art and found a gold ore. We now find folkloric ornaments, references to tarot cards and hints at classical art history, which all envelop her work in a mystical atmosphere of cosmic connection not easily fathomed. Non the less the imagination of the viewer is activated when seeing the iconic symbols of stars, flowers and ornaments growing into a jungle of codes, stories and modern myths.
Here are fragments of eastern philosophy, toys of childhood and the theatrical aesthetic of the circus.

Especially a tale of the feminine seems to be a theme throughout the exhibition, where flowers - traditionally associated with femineity - has grown into a potent and fertile vegetation, that blurs the line between human and plant.
The Mandorla - the almond shape known from both Christian iconography and representation of the female gender - can be found everywhere as leaves, eyes and ornaments.
The viewer is encapsulated in a girlish universe of pastel colors and decorations but the themes and symbols of Rosenkildes work implies that also dark fairytales, longing and primordial forces are at play here.

In her newest series of works the thickness and texture of the paintings have almost turned them into woven tapestries. The artist has mixed a material into the oil paint that increases its’ weight and gives it a dense and heavy expression.
With a great interest in the designs of textiles Rosenkilde executes her paintings with a deep understanding of tactility and the principle that - like with a pattern - the whole canvas is of equal importance.

Within Rosenkildes range of works a development has also taken place within her ceramic sculptures: At first glance the colorful figures seem cheerful and brimming with optimism but their empty, starring gazes provides a contrast to the naïve aesthetics. These creatures are not just a joyful presence in the gallery but balances on the tip between children’s toys and the malevolent goblins of old fairytales.

Krista Rosenkilde (b. 1982) received an MFA from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. She uses a wide range of material and medias in her work - gouache, painting, large installations, ceramic sculptures, lino prints, lithographic prints, digitally printed textiles and woven wall hangings. She has been presented in numerous solo and group shows all over Denmark. She has also collaborated with designers - most recently with Fritz Hansen Furniture by creating a special edition for the Ant Chair by Arne Jacobsen. Her works can be found in collections such as: Politikens Hus House Collection, Københavns Billedkunstudvalg and the Danish Art Foundation.

Join us for the opening of the exhibition Friday, April 29th from 16 to 19. The exhibition runs until 3rd June 2022. The artist will be present during the opening reception.

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