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Artsy Living by Egelund – interior design

We do interior design projects for private and business customers. 

We have more than 15 years of experience and done +500 interior design solutions for some of the biggest companies and beautiful homes around the world. We know by heart how high quality artworks impact people, both at home and at work. We know from reports that art and interior design has a tremendous impact on human mind. Our passion is art, our philosophy is Artsy Living, where we spice up rooms with artworks, art installations and designer furniture. We are always taking in consideration the single customer, style, taste, values, culture, climate and wishes. 

Whether you live in a castle or a small apartment, it is our experience that a single artwork can make the biggest change to a room and impact the whole atmosphere being there. It can be creating an atmosphere that increase pure happiness, calmness, innovation, motivation, creativity, collaboration, productivity or something else. It is not just about hanging a piece of art on a wall. We know by heart it is also about seeing the whole picture, the interior style of the home, existing collection of furniture and art, and the people using the room. We take all this in to consideration when we do Artsy Living projects.

Our Artsy Living service covers adding paintings, sculpture, installations to an existing interior in a private home or company. We do projects with one piece of new artwork as well as full artwork solutions including a bigger collection of different types of artworks for an office, house or a single room. Our service also includes helping customers moving art to a new home, both in regards to secure moving of artworks, as well as re-hanging and re-installation of a total art collection in new surroundings. We do travel around the world to do full artwork re-hanging for homes and offices.

We collaborate with artists and furniture designers – from upcoming, cutting-edge, contemporary to classic style.

We collaborate with a wide range of international galleries and art dealers around the world, which gives us unlimited possibilities, when it comes to special requests or personal taste and art wishes.

If you are interested, give us a call or write us, then we will do our best to make your space artsy.

A selection of our business references



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