Current Exhibition

16 November 2018

Christian Finne “Amulet”

NOV 16 - DEC 8 2018

Gallery Christoffer Egelund is proud to present the exhibition Amulet, the gallery’s second solo show with the Danish artist Christian Finne.

With Amulet, Finne presents new pieces rooted in the ancient history of the talisman in the human social and spiritual constellations. The Amulet is an ornament carried against your skin for protection or strength. Unlike the relic, the amulet does not require initiation, but carries its power within itself and in the practices in which it is used. In the same way the artwork shares both the ornamental properties as well as the ability to carry its power and existence within itself and within the artistic practice. In the work of art, process and object become one and they amplify each other in the creation of the contact and communication that ultimately is the essence of the artwork.

The status of the amulet as a container of power and fortune is transformed through the work of Finne into the shamanic role of the artist as an animator of inanimate objects. The artwork becomes the amulet that draws social processes and mechanics into the visual world and gives power to Finne’s sharp political and social criticism. The political and social climate is sucked in through the nose to come smoking out as crystallised colour explosions and shimmering flashing images.

The artistic practices of Christian Finne find its roots in the artistic investigation of the psychedelic state of mind and the resolution of the late modern conception of identity. Finne’s work gives the ephemeral moments of the mind expansion a visual language and communicates them into the eternity of the work of art.

Christian Finne is educated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2005. He works and lives in Copenhagen. With the support of the Danish Arts Foundation Christian Finne has executed a monumental decoration for Rosborg Gymnasium in 2017. His work is part of several Danish collections, such as the art museum of Bornholm, who owns 3, and both the Danish Arts Foundation and the city of Copenhagen. Finne has had several solo shows in and around Copenhagen and has taken part of group shows in both Sweden, Norway and in several Danish museums and art institutions. Finne’s artistic practices take the forms of drawing, sound, video, activism, installation, rituals, movement and mimetic magic. Christian Finne has furthermore been the subject of Henrik Edelbo’s documentary from 2018 ‘Mr. Finne’s Reality Tunnel’. The exhibition, Amulet, is supported by the Danish Arts Foundation.