21 April 2010

AROS Aarhus Kunstmuseum presents a one man show by ADAM SAKS – VISUAL VOODOO from 23. April – 1. August 2010

ARoS  |  ADAM SAKS  |  VISUAL VOODOO  |  April 23 – August 1 2010

Magical tales in a seductive visual universe featuring tattooed sailors, scantily clad women, enormous animals and barren landscapes of disharmony. ARoS’ exhibition ADAM SAKS – VISUAL VOODOO offers a visual journey of discovery into the colorful world of fantasy and reality.

In his art Adam Saks works as an explorer. He consistently seeks away from familiar shores and finds his inspiration in faraway places. The exhibition VISUAL VOODOO stands as an artistic journey where Adam Saks, taking his point of departure in both fantasy and reality, invites us into a mythical and imaginative pictorial universe composed of pieces of text, images of sailors, easy women, violent animals, skulls, and desolate landscapes.

VISUAL VOODOO is largest museum exhibition yet presented in Denmark of works by the Danish painter, printmaker and ceramist Adam Saks (b. 1974). The exhibition presents a variety of watercolors, some measuring over five meters in length, and a series of ceramic works that continue the magnificent stories also told in Adam Saks’ paper works.

It is not only in his motives that Saks explores and looks for artistic challenges. In his choice of format and painting technique he also challenges the medium of watercolor. With energetic brushstrokes and a forceful, expressive color scheme he breaks with the frailty and transparent nature traditionally associated with paper work.

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