Pure Assness / Mikkel S. Andersen

25 September 2009

Pure Assness / Mikkel S. Andersen



Galleri Christoffer Egelund is pleased to present Mikkel S. Andersen’s first solo exhibition, Pure Assness, in the Gallery’s Project Room. Mikkel S. Andersen (b. 1978) graduated as ‘MFA Master of Fine Arts’ from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts this summer. During his studies, he has worked intensively with paintings, collages and sculptures.

In the exhibition Pure Assness, the visitor is invited to join Mikkel S. Andersen’s compelling and disturbing universe, where innocent everyday objects are arranged in bizarre settings. You meet, for instance, the teddy bear that, after a bad trip, is sitting lonely in its rubber boat, scouting for land, Kaj the doll penetrated by syringes, and a big homage to the six-pack as an aesthetically masterly object (the six-pack being canned beer and not stomach muscles). In his different works you will meet joy of life, misery, humour, sarcasm, playfulness and bitterness. It’s gung-ho, and the exhibition is not for the sensitive souls. Still, at the same time you should notice the depth and ambiguity which is latent in his works. You’ll see buttocks, skulls and beer cans … but there is more to his works than that.

The exhibition contains paintings, collages and sculptures in bronze, ceramics and plastics.

In addition to his exhibitions in Denmark, most recently at EXIT 09 in Gl. Strand in Copenhagen, Mikkel S. Andersen has also exhibited at the Lan-Lan Gallery in China and in the Central City Museum of Art in Mongolia, amongst others.

Galleri Christoffer Egelund cordially invites you to a private view of Mikkel S. Andersen’s solo exhibition in the Project Room, PureAssness, Friday September 25, 4pm-7pm. The exhibition is subsequently open from September 26 – October 24. Opening hours: Monday to Friday 11am – 6pm, Saturday 11am – 3pm. For further information about the exhibition and press photos, please contact Rasmus Lindquist,