20 November 2009


Dear friends, this is the last day Saturday, November 21 where you have the opportunity to see Jes Wind Andersen’s fantastic solo presentation ART IS EASY – do not miss it.

Art Is Easy is an investigation into paintings and their potential, and Jes Wind Andersen therefore questions the actual perception of paintings. This results in reflections on paintings as objects, as installation and as symbol, and reflections on the materials, tactility, presentation and perception. In order to illustrate the paintings’ basic qualities, Jes Wind Andersen confronts them with photos, video and light. How do formal and abstract paintings function in relation to, for instance, the figuratively recognisable nature photography? These constellations produce an interesting and thought-provoking dynamism between the different media and expressions of the exhibition, which challenges the visitor to reflect on the direct meeting with art and the ensuing presence, absence, distance etc.

The title, Art Is Easy, can be seen as a symbol or logo for the exhibition. However, it also refers to the feeling that fills the artist when something simply succeeds, or for that matter the feeling that fills the spectator when watching really good art.
Jes Wind Andersen (b. 1965) graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Art (1992-98) and subsequently completed the Academy’s post-graduate studies at the Theory and Mediation Department (1998-2000). Jes Wind Andersen has exhibited widely both in Denmark and abroad at, for instance, Randers Museum of Art, Vejle Museum of Art, Bornholm Museum of Art and Chongqing Art Museum in Beijing, China.