Land Of Illusion and Other Pointmarks

25 FEBRUARY - 26 MARCH 2011
25 February 2011

Land Of Illusion and Other Pointmarks



Christoffer Egelund Gallery is proud to present the exhibition “Land Of Illusions and Other Pointmarks”, a group exhibition featuring works by Danish artists Rasmus Danø, Lars Heiberg, Rasmus Lütken, and Swedish artist Andreas Poppelier. The four artists paths have crossed before in various exhibition contexts, but this is the first time, they all meet at a crossroad. In an open dia…logue, they each present their own personal approach to painting, through ‘contemporary landscapes’ commenting on the state of the world – locally and globally.

As the title indicates, the viewer is invited into a land of illusions. The four artists’ expressions are far from a naturalistic picture of the world. Instead, they use varying painterly grips, such as: dissection, sampling, sublimation or spatial distortion, in each of their investigation and interpretation of the world. Common to them all is that the contents of the works seem personal but also universal.

Rasmus Danø (b. 1974) is a critical voyeur of a world and he – often with a dissecting eye – steps into the dark, polluted and run-down backyards of the atomic age. The works seem to express both a personal and a universal anxiety, melancholy, and fascination, in the journey through past and future landscapes in a dystopian futurism. Lars Heiberg (born 1969), in contrast, focuses on the ‘home’ staging and the deserted streets that form the framework of everyday life. In Heiberg works homes are presented as setups, empty of people, where the small details in the home, gives the idea of a life and presence – elements that also function as markers to decode job, status, and patterns of social behaviour. The works can thus be seen as a comment on the economy of consumerism. The art of Rasmus Lütken (b. 1974) opens up to a surreal formalistic universe, leaving very little space for the common perception of reality. We find ourselves in a universe where stories are cut to the bone, and where details are reduced in order for the visual message to be received as clearly as possible. In this universe the strangest things happen; turtles balance on border barriers and eggs are hatched on dynamite sticks. Andreas Poppelier’s (b. 1973) works are far gloomier in expression. In the majority of his works the contents, expressions and titles form a melancholic and dystopian abyss. The works are constantly balancing at the edge, without however falling into the abyss. The works often have political and social realist undertones.

The artists all have a long row of exhibitions behind them. Rasmus Danø graduated from the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2001. He has exhibited widely in Denmark, including a solo exhibition at Esbjerg Art Museum. Additionally he is co-founder of the artist-run exhibition space, DUNK. Lars Heiberg graduated from the Jutland Art Academy in Aarhus in 2000. He is represented in major collections such as Nykredit and KUNSTEN Museum of Modern Art Aalborg. Rasmus Lütken’s works are represented in both Danish and international collections such as: The Danish Arts Agency, Novo Nordisk, Danske Bank, Vrancken Collection Antwerp, and Mark Rothko Collection, Latvia. Andreas Poppelier graduated from Malmö Art Academy in 2003. He has exhibited at several art museums, art centres and galleries in Sweden and internationally. His works are represented in collections such as Eskilstuna Art Museum, Malmö Art Museum and Nordea Art Association.

Galleri Christoffer Egelund cordially invites you to the private view of the group exhibition “Land Of Illusions and Other Pointmarks” on Friday, February 25th from 4pm to 7pm. The exhibition will subsequently be on show during the period February 26th – March 26th 2011. Opening hours: Monday-Friday 11am to 6pm, Saturdays 12pm to 4pm. For further information about the exhibition and press photos please contact the gallery on: or visit