24 June 2022

Summertime’22 – The Annual Group Show 18th Edition



Summertime’22 – The Annual Group Show 18th Edition

Galleri Christoffer Egelund invites you to the celebration of the Summertime’22 Friday, June 24 from 16.00 – 19.00. Most of the artists will be present during the opening reception, we serve cold drinks and our house DJ will play sweet summer vibes. The exhibition will run until August 27.

We are proud to present the 18th edition of our Summer Show, featuring a variety of artists who are in a substantial way shaping the current art scene.

The exhibition shows a remarkable selection of paintings, sculptures, drawings, photographs, reliefs and textile art, leaving the viewer amazed and curious to discover how the international art scene has evolved since last year.

Diversity is the overall concept of the show. Summertime‘22 illuminates the broad array of media and styles that is the ever-changing face of contemporary art.

This year we are proud to present 44 extremely talented artists:

Alf Christian Hvaring (NO)
Danielle Klebes (US)
Eva Louise Buus (DK)
Kathy Sirico (US)
Julie von Lotzbeck (DK)
Marco Evaristti (DK)
Stine Leth (DK)
Filip Juhl (DK)
Jet-te L. Ranning (DK)
Anders Moseholm (DK)
Anne Juul Christophersen (DK)
Jiri Geller (FI)
Joaquin Valdez (AU)
Simon Bang (DK)
Brian Harte (US)
Cesc Abad (SP)
Austin Stern (US)
Olaf Hajek (DE)
Michael a Grømma (DK)
Willi Tomes (DE)
Helen Robinson (US)
Alec DeMarco (US)
Tilde Grynnerup (DK)
Eamon O’Kane (IR)
Niels Corfitzen (DK)
Ekin Su Koc (TR)
Thierry Feuz (AU)
Crystel Ceresa (CH)
Armando Mariño (CU)
Christoffer Joergensen (DK/CH)
Krista Rosenkilde (DK)
Mazja Hillestrøm (DK)
Jonas Pihl (DK)
Søren Hagen (DK)
Till Gerhard (DE)
Julien Deiss (DE)
Mads Rafte Hein (DK)
Melanie Daniel (CA)
Janina Myronova (UA)
Simon Fensholm (DK)
Steinunn Thorarinsdottir (ISL)
Henriette Ebbesen (DK)
Jack Kabangu (CD)

Opening hours: Wednesday – Friday from 15-18, Saturdays from 12-16.